Life is too short for bad presentations

Are you a researcher or a professional? Let us teach you to communicate in a clear and convincing manner. So you really make a difference.

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The Floor is Yours -- Founders
  • Workshops

    We give presentation workshops, online or on location.

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  • Coaching

    Will you be presenting a pitch or keynote talk? Let us train you. Tailored to your needs.

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    Research day, conference or other event? We’ll make it rock!

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Our workshops, online or on location

  • How to present online?

    How can you hold your audience’s attention when presenting in front of a webcam? During this training you will learn how to get the best results: from interaction, empathy, to eye contact.

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  • Presenting with impact

    You learn how to present your complex message in a clear and appealing manner. Our focus is on content, performance, and slides. To get started right away.

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  • Scientific posters

    How do you stand out in a room with a hundred scientific posters? We will explain, step by step, how to translate your core message into a clear and attractive poster. Success guaranteed!

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  • Pitch your research

    Need to explain your research or project to a jury or a large audience in one to three minutes? We will help you to find the essence and to convey it convincingly. Less is more!

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  • Your research in the media

    Does no one seem interested in your research? During this practical workshop you will learn to think like a journalist. We will look for the wow factor that makes your research captivating.

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  • Presentation performance

    How do you give a confident impression on stage and in front of the webcam with stress raging through your body? Come discover our practical tips on body language, voice projection, and interaction.

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  • Slide design

    Do jam-packed, illegible slides make you shudder? During our workshop you will discover how to put just enough relevant information on your slides and we will also share with you some graphic design tips.

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  • PechaKucha

    Forget boring presentations. PechaKucha is a format of 20 slides and just 20 seconds per slide. The result: inspiring presentations and an engaged audience. We teach you how to do it.

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  • Thanks to the The Floor is Yours presentation workshop the quality of the master’s thesis presentations has improved dramatically.

    Prof. Maarten Weyn Applied Engineering Sciences, University of Antwerp
  • To prepare for my pitch in the context of my FWO PhD fellowship application, the presentation workshop was exactly what I needed. The clear theoretical guidelines, in combination with the personal feedback on my very own pitch, were extremely helpful. I now feel much more confident and well prepared for my pitch!

    Merle Kock PhD student, KU Leuven
  • Thank you for all your help preparing the “TED talks” for the VIB Seminar! It was the most useful information and guidance I have ever received in both my graduate and post-graduate career. I feel so much more confident in my presentation and communication abilities.

    Maria Dzialo Postdoctoral Researcher, VIB Lab for Systems Biology – KU Leuven Laboratory for Genetics and Genomics
Book The floor is yours

The floor is yours

Because life is too short for bad presentations.

Would you like a clear list of all the essential elements of a convincing presentation? Then this book is perfect for you!

Also available in Dutch.

Book: € 25.99, e-book: € 19.99

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A new presentation tip in our monthly blog

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We also organize events. And would love to to help you with yours.

  • Sound of Science
    The largest outdoor science festival in Belgium.
  • The Battle of the Scientists
    Explain your research to primary school children. If you dare 😉