Coaching tailored to your needs

Are you presenting an important talk or pitch in the near future and do you want an optimal result in a short time? Are you looking for extra guidance and feedback? Then individual coaching is perfect for you.

  • A message that sticks

    Create a powerful core message and presentation structure that will wow your audience.

  • More confidence

    With the help of our practical performance tips and customized feedback, you will be sure to impress your audience.

  • Crystal clear slides

    With clear and visually stimulating slides, your audience will quickly understand and remember your message.

  • Hans provided excellent suggestions that helped me to develop engaging and effective scientific presentations.

    Stijn Van de Velde Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • I left with a very positive feeling. I learned that with the resources provided and my own will and drive I can make an impact. Thank you very much.

    Patrick Van Erve
  • I followed coaching at The Floor is Yours for a one-minute pitch. I managed to explain a legal scientific research plan in one minute and to get an expert panel from other research domains completely enthusiastic about it! This would not have been possible without Hans’s fantastic guidance. Therefore a sincere thank you.

    Ellen Vandennieuwenhuysen FWO PhD fellow and assistant, UAntwerpen
  • First session

    We start from the presentation that you will soon be giving. You will present your topic in 3 minutes, after following our online video course beforehand. We then determine your core message together and work out a structure. You will receive feedback on your body language. This first session lasts 3 hours and takes place on location or online.

  • Follow-up session (optional)

    A week after your first session, you will present your topic again. We fine-tune the content, pay attention to your body language and provide feedback on your slides. Additional follow-up sessions are possible. A follow-up session lasts 2 hours and takes place on location or online.

  • Feedback round (optional)

    You send us your script, along with a video recording of your presentation. We will provide you with our feedback, to allow you to rework the presentation. Two feedback rounds are usually sufficient for an optimal result.

  • Target audience


    Researchers, scientists and professionals

  • Participants


    Individually or in pairs

  • Format


    Via video conferencing, on location (at your location or in Antwerp), or a combination of both.
    You select a 3-hour coaching session, possibly followed by a follow-up session or feedback round.

  • Price


    Tell us what you are struggling with, and we will work out a proposal tailored to your needs.

  • Language


    English, Dutch or Spanish

  • Coach


    Get in touch with one of our senior trainers Hans Van de Water, Toon Verlinden or Erik Luijts. They have already trained thousands of researchers and professionals in clear communication.

Mattias and Ellen are asked to pitch their research proposal to an FWO jury. Their faculty wants to increase selection opportunities and opts for personal coaching. During the first session we work out a storyline. This is followed by two feedback rounds.

Stijn is a researcher who will present a medical tool he has developed at an important conference in the US. He has already attended one of our workshops but wants feedback to fine-tune his message and optimize his slides. Three hours of coaching turns out to be sufficient.

Robbert is taking an MBA, for which he has to present his personal project to the instructors and fellow participants. He feels insecure and wants help to present his project in a convincing manner. He attends two sessions.