Your research in the media

Does no one seem interested in your research? During this practical workshop you will learn to think like a journalist. We will look for the wow factor that makes your research captivating.

  • News when does research get picked up by the media?
  • Aim and target audience what do I want to achieve and who am I addressing?
  • Media which channels can I target to spread my message? (+ get inside a journalist’s mind)
  • Wow factor how do I package my research into a compelling story?
  • Press release how do I get started? (And what can be my sexy title?)
  • Social media to spread my message
  • Speaking in front of the camera or for radio broadcast
  • Personal branding
  • Target audience


    Researchers, scientists, students and professionals, at universities, colleges, governments, companies and associations.

  • Format


    Online, on location or blended learning. A half or full day, additional sessions are possible.

  • Language


    Dutch or English

  • Software


    For the online workshop we use Zoom or WebinarGeek, but we can also use other tools if requested.

  • Instructor


    Hans Van de Water or Toon Verlinden, science communication experts and founders of The Floor is Yours. They have already trained thousands of researchers and professionals in clear communication.

  • Approach


    Our workshops are always:

    Customized We adapt the content to the target group.

    Interactive We involve the participants and let them immediately try out our tips.

    Specific No endless chatter, but practical tips and recognizable examples.

Create your training

  • Workshop

    During the workshop, participants will receive our best presentation tips, with customized examples and practical exercises. Choose between a half or full day workshop. On location or online.

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  • Try-out session (optional)

    Knowing how to do it is one thing, but applying this to your own topic and getting immediate feedback will ensure the very best learning experience. We do this in a small group during the try-out session.

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  • Book (optional)

    Our book ‘The floor is yours: Because life is too short for bad presentations’ contains useful presentation tips and useful tools. It is an ideal addition to this workshop.

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Sample combinations

  • A full day workshop, in combination with the book ‘The floor is yours’.
  • An online workshop from 9 am to 11 am, followed by two online try-out sessions in the afternoon with 6 participants per session.

The workshop

We offer our workshop Your research in the media both on location as well as online. You can choose between a half or full day workshop.

  • Workshop on location

      • 3h

      • Max. 15 participants (more per approved request)

      • € 1.090,00

      • You learn how to create a message that stands out. With practical tips and examples which we also apply to your research.

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      • 6h

      • Max. 12 participants

      • € 1.590,00

      • More room for exercises and interaction. Participants make a press release, present in front of the camera and receive feedback.

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  • Online workshop

      • 2h

      • Unlimited participants

      • € 990,00

      • The basics. You learn how to create a message that stands out. With practical tips and examples which we also apply to your research.
        We have an interactive and active approach. Adapted to an online audience.

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All prices excluding VAT and excluding transport (if applicable)

Try-out session

With a try-out session, the participants will have the opportunity to process our tips from the workshop and really apply them to their own research or project.

At most two weeks after the workshop the participants present their press release and receive feedback in the try-out session. Together we find out what can be improved.

The combination of the workshop and a try-out session generally produces the best results. We also offer video feedback which allows participants to process the feedback at their own pace.

  • Try-out session (online or on location)

      • 1.5h

      • Max. 6 participants

      • € 400,00 / session

      • Participants present their press release and receive feedback from the instructor and fellow participants.

  • Video feedback (at your own pace)

      • /

      • Individually

      • € 150,00 / person

      • Each participant sends us within one week after the workshop his or her press release.

        We record our feedback and provide the participant with possible revisions. Targeted feedback up to sentence level!

All prices excluding VAT and excluding transport (if applicable)

Book The Floor is Yours

The book ‘The floor is yours: Because life is too short short for bad presentations’ is the ideal addition to our workshops. It not only deals with the topics from the workshop, but also goes into more detail, provides additional examples and offers useful tools that the reader can implement right away.

When you book a workshop, the book costs only € 20 per participant, instead of € 25.99 in stores. Also available in Dutch.

More info about the book

What do the participants think?

  • The researchers of Vlerick really appreciated the workshop. I am convinced that those who participated in the session were provided with the right tools to communicatie their research to a broad audience.

    Eva Cools Research Manager, Vlerick Business School
  • Pitch your research

    Need to explain your research or project to a jury or a large audience in one to three minutes? We will help you to find the essence and to convey it convincingly. Less is more!

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  • How to present online?

    How can you hold your audience’s attention when presenting in front of a webcam? During this training you will learn what to pay attention to: from interaction, eye contact, to the right software.

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  • Presentation performance

    How do you give a confident impression on stage and in front of the webcam with stress raging through your body? Come discover our practical tips on body language, voice projection, and interaction. And get ready to implement each of those tips right away.

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