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Toon and Hans share their insights on how to present clearly and convincingly in two books. ‘The floor is yours’ is a standard reference that should be on the desk of every researcher and professional. ‘Stand out with your Scientific Poster’ is everything you need to create a powerful poster.


Stand out with your Scientific Poster

Are you a researcher who struggles when it comes to creating scientific posters? Or do you simply want to get better at it? This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to making a poster that has real impact. To ensure you stand out from the crowd at your next poster fair.

A practical guide that gives you answers to questions like: what to put on a poster (and mainly: what not to)? How do you come up with a title that immediately grabs people’s attention? What are the best images to use? How many words can you include on your poster? And much, much more…

Everything you need to get started step by step and quickly achieve the best result.

€ 25.99 for the book, € 19.99 for the e-book

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The floor is yours

Do you regularly give presentations to a large or small audience? Would you finally like to give a presentation that not only puts no-one to sleep, but also yields results, attention or even a sponsorship?

In ‘The floor is yours: Because life is too short for bad presentations’ we provide you with bite-size tips to wow with your presentation. Not enough time? A boring or complex topic? Nervous? Insecure? We have a solution ready for every problem.

And because bad presentations are so recognizable, we also show you how not to do it.

€ 29.99 for the book, € 22.99 for the e-book

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