Why choose The Floor is Yours?

1. Over 10 years of experience and thousands of trained researchers and professionals worldwide, from Finland to Spain, from Mexico to South Africa.

2. We adore complex topics. From lung transplants and flatworms, to artificial intelligence. We want to reach the shrewd expert, as well as your inquisitive grandma.

3. Our trainings are always tailored to your project and your intended audience. No cookie-cutter content, ever.

4. Nerdland Festival, the Flemish PhD Cup, Science Figured Out or the Battle of the Scientists: we train their researchers, year after year.

5. A workshop by The Floor is Yours is a ‘game changer’ (as participant Anjali Verma from India’s National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute put it).

Who is The Floor is Yours?

Science communicators Toon Verlinden and Hans Van de Water believed life was too short for boring and unclear presentations. Research can make the world a better place, but all too many researchers and professionals struggle to break out and create an impact with their project or research. Together with Erik Luijts, they want to offer an answer to this problem with The Floor is Yours, through training, publications, and events.

Toon Verlinden

Toon Verlinden is a biochemistry engineer and journalist. In addition to being a presentation coach for The Floor is Yours, he is also a freelance science journalist. Toon writes books such as Code Rood and Weg van Water. Together with Hetty Helsmoortel and Lieven Scheire, he organizes the annual Nerdland Festival.

Hans Van de Water holds a master’s degree in International Politics. He founded the Battle of the Scientists, a competition where scientists present their research to children. For the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO) he coordinated the Flemish Science Agenda.

Erik Luijts is a Master of Science in Marketing, with a keen interest in psychology. As a passionate market researcher, Erik builds strong stories from facts and figures. In addition, Erik coaches speakers to make them shine on the stage of TedX Antwerp.


If anyone tells us that presentations don’t make an impact, we answer them about the five-minute presentation that changed our lives. Discover the story behind The Floor is Yours.

  • Science is becoming easier to digest, clearer and more beautiful thanks to you!

    Kaat Houden Communications officer KU Leuven