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Finish strong. That’s how you do it

Have you ever finished a presentation with an emergency landing? You’ve reached the end of your talk and are not quite sure how to round... Read More

What if your supervisor or boss isn’t big on clear presentations?

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You’ve been working as a doctoral researcher for several months now. And after having attended a series of seminars... Read More

Four steps to pitch your project

What is the best way to pitch your research or project? We already covered this in a previous post, but let’s now look at a... Read More

Is presenting like TED for you?

Anything that is adored by some, will be dismissed by others. We saw this with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and today just as well... Read More

Nervous? How to keep your calm, even when presenting under extreme pressure.

Are you a bundle of nerves in front of an audience? Do you toss and turn the night before? Dreading a black-out or red blotches... Read More

Four tips to help improve your presentations

Do you regularly present to small or large audiences? At your next presentation, wouldn't it be great to not only have no-one in the audience... Read More

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