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Four tips to help improve your presentations

Do you regularly present to small or large audiences? At your next presentation, wouldn't it be great to not only have no-one in the audience... Read More

How an 8-year old girl keeps your presentation from going overtime

The annual Ig Nobel Prizes were held on September 13th this year. The Ig Nobel Prize ceremony rewards research that ‘first make people laugh, and... Read More

Scientifically justified pastimes

It's summer. That time of year when your inbox contains more out-of-office replies than actual replies. Things have quieted down at work. And you may... Read More

Learning to present better by hopping on an airplane

Do you ever pay attention to the safety tutorials on an airplane? I’m guessing no. You’ve seen them numerous times before and they bore you... Read More

Is there life after your PhD?

‘It’s hopeless,’ says Fons Leroy, head of the Flemish Employment Service VDAB, after having spoken with a couple of PhD students. ‘They don’t have a... Read More

Slide design for Dummies Part II

Reworking your slides is not as painstaking as you may think. It is often just a matter of adding some extra boxes and selecting the... Read More

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