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Sociology has the most difficult jargon

From chemistry to literary history and from nursing to physics. They each have their specific jargon, but do you know which has the most difficult... Read More

‘I almost felt like a rock star’

The impact of Antonella Fioravanti’s killer presentation   Can a great presentation change your life? Yes, it can! In 2018, Molecular Biologist Antonella Fioravanti presented... Read More

Presenting online? Bring the essence and only the essence

Recently we’ve transitioned to also hosting all our workshops online. That is going well and we continue to learn new things along the way. From... Read More

Online presentations: how do you get started?

Currently, all meetings, classes and conferences have been suspended. Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools that allow us to continue to communicate with each... Read More

Science is boring

‘Science is boring’, says biologist and science communicator Sally Le Page in her YouTube video. Because as a scientist, you spend most of your days... Read More

Here is how to create a new presentation (step by step) – Part 2

Recently I wanted to give our media workshop a full makeover. Not just revise several slides, but completely rebuild things from the bottom up. Let me share... Read More