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Never go overtime again during your presentation

5 helpful tips for successful time management. There’s nothing more annoying than presenters going overtime, upsetting the entire program. But how should you manage your... Read More

From mediocre to masterly in 48 hours

‘Everything is under control’, he assures me. It is Sunday evening. In exactly 48 hours he will be presenting his talk at the University of... Read More

Find the opposition

Imagine that you are driving along a dark highway. You are all alone in the car and the road is deserted. You have another 400... Read More

No more excuses! What not to say during a presentation

Just a couple of words could make or break your presentation. Has this ever happened to you? That moment when you think: ‘Drat, where is... Read More

Creating a poster in 4 clear steps

Our blog is filled with advice on how to create your next poster. And yet, many researchers are simply not applying those tips. Why is... Read More

5 tips to score points with your PhD defense

Could you also apply our presentation tips to a PhD defense? This is a question we are often asked. As if jury members at a... Read More

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