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Presenting to kids, how do you do that?

In a famous quote, Einstein said that ‘If you can't explain it to a 6 year old, you don't understand it yourself.’ Have you ever... Read More

How deep down are you?

The longer you do research or perform any other type of work, the deeper you dig. This is called expertise. You begin with both of... Read More

Prepare for your next presentation in 5 steps

Tim, a big cycling fan, has signed himself up for a very important race. But in the months leading up to the race, he finds... Read More

How to pitch your idea

Do you sometimes need to sell an idea to your own team, a subsidy agency, or even potential buyers? That means you will be pitching.... Read More

PechaKucha: the dream of any audience

A world without boring PowerPoint presentations? It may sometimes feel like less of a struggle combatting climate change, than teaching speakers to give strong presentations. Fortunately... Read More

How to explain difficult things

‘That will never work, my research is just too complex.’ Researchers often feel that they are simply buried too deep in their research domain to... Read More

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