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PechaKucha: the dream of any audience

A world without boring PowerPoint presentations? It may sometimes feel like less of a struggle combatting climate change, than teaching speakers to give strong presentations. Fortunately... Read More

How to explain difficult things

‘That will never work, my research is just too complex.’ Researchers often feel that they are simply buried too deep in their research domain to... Read More

Can robots make us into better presenters?

Robots are already capable of a great number of things. But for them to give a presentation? Nah. That is what I thought. And possibly,... Read More

Why your research is (not) hitting the media

So, why is your scientific breakthrough not hitting the news? After all, you did your best: you found a clever angle, reached out to your... Read More

Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mister President, In the newspapers I read that your Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Wilbur Ross, had fallen asleep during your speech in Jerusalem. No... Read More

Where is the Brussels inner ring road located?

There is more jargon out there than you think. In this blog post we will answer the question: ‘Where exactly is the Brussels inner ring... Read More

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