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Take your place front and center

Giving a talk takes courage. The spotlight is on you, and instinctively many presenters simply want to hide away behind their laptop or lectern. Away... Read More

Winning the PhD Cup? 5 insider tips

Many PhD graduates dream of winning the Flemish PhD Cup. But no pain, no gain! They will need to explain their research in under three... Read More

Tackle the world (and your presentation) as is

‘Tackle the world as is.’ The person standing next to me is Tom, he is a freerunner and my guide during an initiation to the... Read More

Science podcasts you should be listening to

It’s summer. It’s quiet down the corridors, email traffic has slowed down and you may have found yourself with some added free time on your... Read More

8 body language signals to avoid!

You’re on stage, ready to utter the first word of your presentation. When all of a sudden, someone veers up from the first row and... Read More

Finish strong. That’s how you do it

Have you ever finished a presentation with an emergency landing? You’ve reached the end of your talk and are not quite sure how to round... Read More