Valorization: from research to impact

Would you rather not have your research end up sitting on the shelf at the end of the ride? Instead, do you dream of providing a product or service that people like you and I, professionals or companies can actually get their hands on? Do you wonder if your idea even has a chance of success or how best to craft a concrete action plan? We would be happy to help you along!

Our modules

  • In Module 1 we will draw up an action plan for your valorisation project, applying the Business Model Canvas for Research Projects.
  • Module 2 will cover pricing your product or service.
  • In Module 3 you will learn how to effectively pitch your project, product or service to financiers, partners or customers.
  • In Module 4 you will receive individual coaching to fine-tune your valorisation project.

Although the full sequence of modules will offer you the best results, you can also take the modules separately.

  • Format


    Online or at your location. A module takes 3 hours (morning or afternoon).

    There is room for 6 projects per session, which we will discuss and provide feedback on. Each project can have up to 3 participants.

  • Approach


    Our modules are always:

    Customized We adapt the content to your product.

    Participative We work together with the participants.

    To the point No endless talking, but relevant information and practical tips.

  • Target audience


    For college or university researchers whose goal it is to make a social impact with their research. This can take place:

    • prior to drafting a research idea for a project application,
    • at the onset of your research, to explore initial ideas about valorisation,
    • further into your research, to develop concrete product or service concepts,
    • following your research project, when you want to draw up a valorization plan or want to market your results.

  • Language


    Dutch or English

When you book multiple modules, you will receive a 10% discount off the total price.

  • Module 1

      • Draft an action plan for your valorization project, applying the Business Model Canvas for Research Projects.

      • 3h

      • Up to 6 projects with up to 3 people per project.

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  • Module 2

      • Determine a price for your product or service and investigate the best route to gain access to the market.

      • 3h

      • Up to 6 projects with up to 3 people per project.

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  • Module 3

      • Learn to pitch your project, product or service effectively to funders, partners or customers.

      • 3h

      • Up to 6 projects with up to 3 people per project.

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  • Module 4

      • Receive individual coaching to fine-tune your valorization project.

      • 3h

      • One project.

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All prices excluding VAT and excluding transport (if applicable)

Set your trajectory

Module 1: Business Model Canvas for Research Projects

What does valorisation mean to you as a researcher? What are the possibilities for practice-based research and what are the pros and cons? And how do you come up with a valorisation plan that you can act on right away?

During this module, you will not only gain insight into the value of valorisation, but we will also apply this to your project. To do so, we rely on the Business Model Canvas for Research Projects. Together with your coach, you will work out a valorisation plan. You will receive targeted feedback and advice in regards to your next steps. You will also present your proposal to the other project teams. Based on the insights gained you will be able to further work out a concrete step-by-step plan.

Module 2: The ideal pricing strategy

Do you already have a product or service idea worked out? Then your next step will be to market that idea and set the right price. But how do you do that? And how do you deal with the hesitation of asking your audience for money?

In this module we will first look at how pricing strategies work and determine the easiest way for you to enter the market. We will also share with you some inspiring examples to spark your imagination. Then we will further zoom in on your project. You will receive tailored advice on possible go-to-market strategies and corresponding pricing.

Did you complete Module 1? Then the coaches will continue to investigate any remaining concerns regarding your project, to let you further align your Business Model Canvas.

Module 3: Persuade your audience with your pitch

Need to convince your audience of your product or service in just a few minutes? Let us teach you how to deliver a clear pitch that will get results from a jury, future financiers, potential customers or business partners.

We will further develop your story and translate it to the needs and interests of your audience. Not only will we take an up-close look at your slides, but we will also make sure you deliver a solid performance. We will share with you several practical tips that you can immediately apply to your own project.

Module 4: Individual coaching for valorisation projects

Do you have specific needs regarding valorisation, pricing and/or marketing? Would you like to make swift progress leading to concrete results? We will gladly give you advice tailored to your individual needs!

Teachers and coaches

Michiel Nuytemans is Valorization Advisor at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool and founder of the companies Tree company and Bpart involved in online democracy and participation. He began his career as a researcher at the University of Antwerp where he launched the Stemtest for the VRT.

Pieter Wuyts is a lecturer in marketing at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool. He has experience in coaching researchers for valorisation projects. He co-founded several companies for this purpose.

Hendrik De Cooman supports higher education researchers at the Associatie UGent from all disciplines in the valorisation of their research results and is familiar with e.g. VLAIO (TETRA) and IOF projects. Previously, he was active for years as a university researcher and lecturer in the exact sciences.

Hans Van de Water or Toon Verlinden, science communication experts and founders of The Floor is Yours. They have trained thousands of researchers and professionals to communicate clearly.

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