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  • Secrets to great presentations

    Ten tricks to have your audience hang on your lips I shouldn’t be giving these away. If I spill the beans like this, I may not …

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  • Presenting in your underwear: an interview with mosquito expert Bart Knols

    How do you capture your audience? While I was doing research on malaria for an article in EOS (a popular science magazine), I came across Bart …

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  • Fear of public speaking

    Five tips to turn your anxiety into an ally Cold sweats. Forgetting your lines. Red face. Stuttering. Croaky voice. Feeling as if you’re completely losing control over …

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  • Top speaker also on top at your event

    You are blown away by a certain speaker. This guy received a standing ovation. How perfect would it be to have him also speak at …

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  • The world population in Ikea boxes

    Which researcher is a must-see? Without a doubt, Hans Rosling. In an interview, this Swedish statistician talks about presenting data that people can both enjoy …

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