Your ultimate science summer: Must-reads, podcasts and inspiration

Summer is here and so are our must-reads, podcasts and other inspiration to get you lost in the coming months.


Book: Code Rood (Dutch tip)

In this fascinating book, Toon Verlinden takes you on a journey of discovery through the wonderful world of solar eruptions, volcanoes, viruses and asteroids that come uncomfortably close. Prepare to be amazed, astonished and, who knows, even a little frightened. But rest assured, all will be well in the end, because science will save the world (or so we hope).

Book + free webinar + workshop: Stand out with your scientific poster (English tip)

Want to work on your scientific poster skills this summer? It’s never been easier, thanks to these four options:

  1. Read our new book “Stand Out with Your Scientific Poster” with a step-by-step plan for creating a scientific poster. ORDER THE BOOK HERE.
  2. Watch the free webinar on YouTube that we gave during a Lunch Talk at Scimingo. In one hour, you get six essential insights into creating a scientific poster.
  3. Register individually for the full-day poster workshop we are running with Scimingo on 6 November. All information can be found here. Are you going to a congress with a poster soon? Then this is the workshop for you.
  4. Would you like us to come to your organisation to train a whole group? This is also possible. You can find all the information about our poster workshop here.

Podcast: Transmission wins Belgian Podcast Award (English tip)

Transmission, the podcast co-created by Toon for the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), has won this year’s Belgian Podcast Award in the science category!

And if that’s not enough reason to keep listening, a second season of four episodes has just been released. You can listen to them wherever you listen to podcasts or via the ITM website.

Board games: Turn your research into a board game (Dutch tip)

Do you have more time to play a card or board game this summer? Think about how you can use the mechanics of that game to make a game out of your own research.

More and more researchers are doing it, with surprising and fun results. Be inspired by this article where researchers have created their own board games on medieval history, local language and resilience in education.

Podcast: De zaak Y (Dutch Tip)

Researcher Sofie Claerhout is at home in many fields. She won the Flemish PhD Cup, spoke to the government to force changes in our Belgian justice system, wrote a book about her research and made a fascinating podcast with VRT: De Zaak Y, where she explains the use of the Y chromosome to solve crimes. (Oh yes, of course we trained Sofie before she won the PhD Cup).