Stand Out With Your Scientific Poster

Discover the steps to a good scientific poster.

Are you a researcher who struggles when it comes to creating scientific posters? Or do you simply want to get better at it? This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to making a poster that has a real impact. To ensure you stand out from the crowd at your next poster fair.

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In addition to the format of the regular expert poster, we also explain the format of the Pitch poster in the book. The Pitch poster is ideally suited when the readability of your poster is compromised (in an online poster presentation or if your poster is projected, for example) or when you are in front of an audience that is not plenty expert (during a research day or a broad conference, for example).

But how do you stand out in a room with a hundred scientific posters? We explain step by step how to translate your core message into a clear and attractive poster. Success guaranteed!

You will also discover the success stories of our researchers!

Xena Serifova (KULeuven) is one of the researchers who read the book and helped make it even better.

She put on her bold shoes and made a pitch poster of her research.


“The poster was successful (there were people ready to address me even before I had fully put it up). I spoke to several researchers and also made arrangements to jointly discuss our findings in the future when I have some more results. Moreover, I received a promising proposal for a possible collaboration around EEG data from OCD patients. In short, I am very satisfied with both the event and the impact of the poster. I will definitely use the pitch format in the future. Thanks again so much for all the valuable tips!”