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  • How to explain difficult things

    ‘That will never work, my research is just too complex.’ Researchers often feel that they are simply buried too deep in their research domain to …

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  • Where is the Brussels inner ring road located?

    There is more jargon out there than you think. In this blog post we will answer the question: ‘Where exactly is the Brussels inner ring …

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  • Kids help researchers deliver better presentations

    On May 8th, the Science Battle will take place. Researchers will be presenting their work to elementary school children. Out of 24 submissions, the children …

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  • Secrets to great presentations

    Ten tricks to have your audience hang on your lips I shouldn’t be giving these away. If I spill the beans like this, I may not …

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  • How much food are you throwing away?

    We throw away one third of our food’, I read in the newspaper. A calculation made by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United …

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  • The world population in Ikea boxes

    Which researcher is a must-see? Without a doubt, Hans Rosling. In an interview, this Swedish statistician talks about presenting data that people can both enjoy …

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