We offer workshops

  • to researchers and professionals at universities, research institutes, companies and government organizations
  • on how to communicate research in a clear and convincing way
  • in English, Dutch, French or Spanish
  • also online

Our topics

You can book our workshops together with our book ‘The floor is yours – because life is too short for bad presentations‘.

Our approach

The workshops we offer are

  • dynamic and interactive
  • clear and concrete
  • personalized: we use real-life cases

Not satisfied? We will organize for you a new workshop, free of charge.

Open workshop ‘Present with impact’

We regularly organise workshops ‘Present with impact’ in Antwerp, open to individual participants.

More about the Open workshop

Lectures and keynotes

You will often find us giving lectures, PechaKucha presentations and keynotes at conferences, seminars or research meetings. And so far, we haven’t had anyone doze off during one of those. On the contrary, our audiences hang on to our every word, even pressing us for more.


Get in touch with us and we will draw up a proposal, tailored to the needs of your organization. Are you a researcher and would you like to convince your management of the need for a workshop? Let us help you out.

Our clients

We have given workshops at universities, university colleges, companies and events in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Mexico. Some of our clients:

Universities: KU Leuven; Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Universiteit Gent; Universiteit Antwerpen; Universiteit Hasselt; Universiteit Utrecht; Universiteit Leiden; Wageningen Universiteit; TU Delft; Université de Liège; Gembloux Agro-bio Tech; Venice International University; Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico)

University Colleges: Karel de Grote-Hogeschool; Hogeschool Gent; Thomas More; AP Hogeschool; Escuela Normal Superior de Zacatlán (Mexico)

Business schools: Vlerick Business School

Governement, research institutions, compagnies and organisations: Janssen Pharmaceutica; MSD; Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (Netherlands); Aquafin; Sociaal-Economische Raad van Vlaanderen (SERV); Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis; UZ Leuven; Inagro; Technopolis; ILVO; EPOS; BIRA; Vlaams Instituut voor de zee (VLIZ); Nederlandse beroepsvereniging voor chemici (KNCV); Kruispunt Migratie-Integratie; IE-net ingenieursvereniging; Secretaría de Educación Pública del Estado de Puebla (Mexico); CEGESOMA; Scriptie vzw (Vlaamse PhD Cup); Orpheus Instituut.

Conferences: Belgian Surgical Week; Summerschool Science Communication; BCF Career Event; Mares Conference (Portugal); RepBiotech internal meeting (Barcelona); Mares Conference (Portugal); Belenux Young Water Professionals Regional (Luxemburg); Day of the young soil scientist


— Maria Dzialo, Postdoctoral Researcher (VIB Lab for Systems Biology – KU Leuven Laboratory for Genetics and Genomics):

Hi Hans, I just wanted to thank you for all your help preparing the “TED talks” for the VIB Seminar. It was the most useful information and guidance I have ever received in both my graduate and post-graduate career. I have never been so happy with my slides before! I feel so much more confident in my presentation and communication abilities. Thank you!

— Prof. Maarten Weyn, Applied Engineering Sciences (University of Antwerp):

Thanks to the The Floor is Yours presentation workshop the quality of the master’s thesis presentations has improved dramatically.

— Maryam Salehijam, PhD Student in European Private Law (University of Ghent):

Dear Hans, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tips. I adjusted my presentation and made sure I am not nervous by practice. Following my presentation, I had close to 20 people tell me it was the best presentation of the conference.

— Jessica Bridoux, PhD student, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (VUB):

Thank you Toon for your advice about presentations because today I had to do a presentation and I really tried to apply all your tips for the slides, and at the end one of my supervisor told me that she really liked it, that there was “something different” that she could not explain 🙂

— Beatriz Alonso, PhD student in Biology of Reproduction (INIA, Spain):

I offered to leave a review myself because that is the least you could do when you come across a professional like Toon. Is not only that I loved the workshop on “Present your research with impact” that I had the opportunity to attend, but the fact that he offered himself to altruistically give us feedback on future presentations. And that is exactly what he did. Thank you very much for your advise!

— Andy Gijbels, Managing director at eonX an winner of the Flemish PhD Cup 2016:

During the Flemish PhD Cup, I had to opportunity to follow a workshop given by The Floor is Yours. During this competition, 16 candidates were challenged to present their scientific work of the last four years in as little as three minutes to the general public. Hans and Toon trained us a full day with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and dedication. We learned how to shape our story and presentation and how to sharpen our presentation skills for maximum impact and clearness. The progress all candidates made in a single day was truly AMAZING. Next to numerous effective tips and tricks, everyone received personal feedback. Even after the workshop, we could still rely on their support whenever needed. Hans and Toon, thank you so much for helping me win the Flemish PhD Cup!

— Philippe Degelin, Learning adivisor at Kruispunt Migratie-Integratie:

Toon gave a presentation training and it gave me a ton of insights on how to build an appealing presentation. Because his presentation itself was an example of this, a lot of it sticked. His personal feedback on my own presentation was valuable and instructive. What I will remember most from the workshop is: what is the main message you want to convey to your audience? Try to think about that in advance.

— Adrien Marchi, civil engineer at Aquafin:

Hans gave a presentation training at Aquafin. I put in practice his tips at an international conference in Italy. It went out perfectly right! In the sense that really a lot of people from around the world came to me afterwards to compliment me on the presentation. They were referring to both the form and content. By their questions I saw that most of them had grasped the main messages. One women from Australia asked me where I would give my next presentation. She thinks that if her students could see a ‘young’ like me, it would ‘motivate’ them. So thanks again Hans for all your nice tips, it worked out very good for me.

— Astrid Guedens, Director Expertise Centre Code, Thomas More:

Our team @ Code Thomas More really appreciated the tailor-made presentation Hans from The Floor is Yours brought on stage with plenty of enthusiasm. He provided us with very practical and feasible tips & tricks for our lectures and workshops. We look forward to putting it into practice!

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