Workshop ‘Creating an amazing scientific poster’

What exactly makes a poster appealing? We will look at and compare different participants’ posters.

Target audience: researchers (or anyone who wants to learn how to make an amazing poster).

Aim: the participants learn to communicate their research or project in a clear and convincing manner onto a presentation poster, tailored to their target audience.

Approach: a combination of theory, practical exercises and inspiring cases. We will be using poster examples from the participants themselves, which we will have requested beforehand and have incorporated in the workshop. The participants will present their own research during the workshop.

Participants: preferably no more than 15 for an optimal group interaction, but we also work with larger groups (e.g. 40 participants).

Language: Dutch, English or Spanish.

Location: we come to your organization. (This workshop is also available online)

Trainer: Toon Verlinden

Half or full day

Have your choice of a half (3 hours) or full day (6 hours, lunch break time not included).

The 6-hour workshop provides more room for practice and will allow the participants 1 or 2 hours to work on their own posters and receive personalized feedback.

Workshop content

Winning the poster prize? Apply our tips and increase your chances by 300%!

How can you stand out in a room with hundreds of other scientific posters? How do you get the most out of what may seem like a rather useless activity?

In this workshop we will show you how to build up a strong scientific poster, step by step. A poster that is clear, that is actually being read by your audience and that adds value for both you and your audience.

What we will cover amongst other things:

  • How do you get your audience’s attention? (Why should they listen to you?)
  • Your poster pitch in one minute
  • Your poster layout
  • How to summarize a 30 page paper down to a single poster
  • Examples of successful research posters
  • Designing a poster and where to find good images

In this workshop we will look at posters from several of the participants. These examples are all the more relevant and will let us provide you with personalized feedback.


Non-profit organizations (including educational and research institutions) receive a 10% discount:

  • 3h workshop: € 990 excl. tax (1.197 incl. tax)
  • 6h workshop: € 1.440 excl. tax (1.742 incl. tax)

Standard price:

  • 3h workshop: € 1.100 excl. tax (1.331 incl. tax)
  • 6h workshop: € 1.600 excl. tax (1.936 incl. tax)

(prices do not include transportation cost per train departing from Antwerp)

 10% discount for an online workshop  Do you want to organise the workshop online? That’s possible! You’ll even get 10% discount. Not because the participants will get less value out of it, but simply because it saves us time in transport.

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Optional: additional feedback moment

We have learned from past experience that participants are often excited to get started after having finished our poster workshop, but do still have questions. That is why we offer an additional feedback moment 1 or 2 weeks after the workshop. The participants send us their posters and we provide feedback. No need to attend an extra session, but they can simply view our feedback at a time that is convenient for them. Here is an example of a feedback video.
Price: €450 (excl BTW, max. 15 participants)

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