Open workshop: Present with impact

Next date: to be confirmed / Book ‘The Floor is Yours’ included

Do you regularly give presentations about your research or project? Are you worried you will send your public to sleep? Do you want to give a presentation that sticks and brings results?

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to keep your audience’s attention to achieve the results you want. You will also be shown a number of classic and instantly recognizable examples of bad presentations, so that you can immediately see how not to do it!

Topics included in the workshop:

  • Impact: the purpose of your presentation and the target group
  • Structure: how to start and end your presentation and how to find an interesting outline
  • Attention: how to grab the audience’s attention from the first second
  • Clarity: how to make them understand what you say

With the practical exercises, the useful tips and tricks and the book ‘The floor is yours’, you will definitely score with the public!

  • Date and venue: to be confirmed
  • Language: English
  • For researchers, scientists and professionals
  • Maximum 10 participants 
  • € 219 (excl. tax – € 262,29 incl. tax)

Testimonials of participants

It was the most useful information and guidance I have ever received in both my graduate and post-graduate career. (…) I feel so much more confident in my presentation and communication abilities.” Maria Dzialo, Postdoctoral Researcher, VIB-KU Leuven

“Thank you for the wonderful tips. I adjusted my presentation. I had close to 20 people tell me it was the best presentation of the conference.” Maryam Salehijam, PhD student, Ghent University

About the book ‘The floor is yours’

“The Floor is Yours offers you the DOs and DON’Ts of sharing your story. A must-read.” (Koenraad Debackere, Professor Economy and Business Administration KU Leuven)

“Easy to read, and funny too. Essential reading for anyone who wants to learn to present a complex message in a clear and convincing manner.” (Jan-Willem Toering, Director Royal Netherlands Chemical Society, KNCV)

Download the preview version of the book

About the trainer

Hans Van de Water is a presentation trainer and expert in scientific communication. Together with Toon Verlinden, he set up The Floor is Yours. With their company they have trained thousands of researchers in the techniques necessary to prepare and give effective presentations. Hans is also the founder of the Battle of the Scientists / Wetenschapsbattle, a project that gives researchers the opportunity to present their work to primary school children.

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