This is how you give an online presentation

Will you soon be defending your doctoral or master’s thesis online? Do you need to present your research online? Or are you struggling with the lessons you now teach your students from home?

We help you on your way to communicate your message clearly and convincingly online. How?

We believe life is too short for bad presentations. Offline as well as online. Therefore, we offer workshops, write articles and books, and we coach organizations. Do you want to receive our newest tips and ressources? Subscribe to our newsletter.

Online guide

We’ve written a guide that will help you on your way with online presenting. It answers the frequently asked questions about how to present online. Download it here in English. Also available in Dutch or French

Download your guide here.


The guide covers the following topics:

  • How to adjust the content of your presentation for online use?
  • How to get and keep the attention of the audience?
  • How to get interaction with your audience?
  • Body language and the use of your voice.
  • Slide design: what you should do differently online.
  • What is the video conferencing tool you should use?
  • The technique: webcam and sound
  • What does the ideal preparation look like?


We organised two webinars. You can watch the recordings below.

Online presentations – Part 2 (6 May 2020)

Online presentations –  Part 1 (22 April 2020)

Workshop ‘How to present online?’

We created a brand new workshop on presenting online, where we teach you how to give a killer online presentation. For researchers, professionals and anyone who ever needs to communicate a complex message online.

We also offer our other workshops online, so contact us if you want to learn to present with impact, how to create an amazing scientific poster or how to get your research in the media. You can choose between the offline or online workshop.

Tips to apply immediately

Tip 1. How do you get started?

Giving an online presentation is quite different from speaking to an actual audience. How do you get started? And how do you ensure that your message sticks and your audience remains with you until the end? In this blog post you get:

  • Three golden rules. While we know that you have little time to prepare your online presentation, please do keep in mind those three rules. They will make or break your presentation.
  • Four steps to get started. Did you know that, to make eye contact with your audience, it’s best to move the small screen where you see yourself to just below where your camera is on your laptop? This encourages you to always look in the direction of your camera.

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Tip 2. Bring the essence and only the essence

Is the talk you normally give an hour long? Then try to present it online in half an hour. That may sound impossible, but much of what you say is one-way and you should now be able to provide that information in a different way.

People immediately wander off online if they feel that a certain part is less important (off they go, surfing the internet or checking their emails). And it will be difficult to get them back on board during an online presentation.

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