Workshop ‘Your research in the media’

Finding the news value in your research

Target audience: researchers.

Aim: the participants uncover the news value of their own research and learn to present their research to the media in a clear and convincing manner.

Approach: a combination of theory, practical exercises and inspiring cases. We will be using research examples from the participants themselves, which we will have requested beforehand and have incorporated in the workshop.

Participants: preferably no more than 15 for an optimal group interaction, but we also work with larger groups (e.g. 40 participants).

Language: Dutch, English or Spanish.

Location: we come to your organization. (This workshop is also available online)

Trainers: Hans Van de Water or Toon Verlinden.

Half or full day

Have your choice of a half (3 hours) or full day (6 hours, lunch break time not included).

The 6-hour workshop delves deeper into different techniques and leaves more room for practice. In the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to apply the tips from the workshop to create their own press release and receive personalized feedback.

Workshop content

  • News: when does research get picked up by the media?
  • Aim and target audience: what do I want to achieve and who am I addressing?
  • Media: which channels can I target to spread my message? (+ get inside a journalist’s mind)
  • Wow factor: how do I package my research into a compelling story?
  • Press release: how do I get started? (And what can be my sexy title?)

Extra options

  • Social media to spread my message
  • Speaking in front of the camera or for radio broadcast
  • Personal branding: should you become a hero?


Non-profit organizations (including educational and research institutions) receive a 10% discount:

  • 3h workshop: € 990 excl. tax (1.197 incl. tax)
  • 6h workshop: € 1.440 excl. tax (1.742 incl. tax)

Standard price:

  • 3h workshop: € 1.100 excl. tax (1.331 incl. tax)
  • 6h workshop: € 1.600 excl. tax (1.936 incl. tax)

(prices do not include transportation cost per train departing from Antwerp)

 10% discount for an online workshop  Do you want to organise the workshop online? That’s possible! You’ll even get 10% discount. Not because the participants will get less value out of it, but simply because it saves us time in transport.

Please tell me more about the workshop

Optional: feedback session

One or two weeks after the workshop (3h or 6h workshop) the participants will present their own press release and receive feedback from us. Together we will discuss what else can be improved in their story and/or performance. This session is fully optional, but past experience has shown this to be of great value to the participants.

A 3-hour feedback session comes to € 650 (excl. tax and transportation).

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