Video animator Cesar Kuriyama speaking on a TED-event

Top speaker also on top at your event

You are blown away by a certain speaker. This guy received a standing ovation. How perfect would it be to have him also speak at your event? Sound familiar? You’ve gotten in touch and convinced him to appear on your stage. But once there, this guy hardly hits the mark at your event. His story…

Hans Rosling in action

The world population in Ikea boxes

Which researcher is a must-see? Without a doubt, Hans Rosling. In an interview, this Swedish statistician talks about presenting data that people can both enjoy and understand. Really? Enjoying and understanding Not my first guess of words to describe a research presentation. Yet, Professor Rosling will have you feasting on hard statistics. His presentation on…

Drawing the audience’s attention

Give the audience what they want What is it that the audience wants to know from you? In creating your presentation, leave out the ideas that are only of interest to you yet don’t mean as much for the audience. Create an open mind for your topic among your audience. Why is this topic of…

5 deadly sins

These 5 deadly sins will wreck your presentation

How much time are we devoting to presentations worldwide? How much money are companies coughing up to have people attend presentations that have very little effect? And why do not all presentations have their intended effect? Let’s first do the math Recent numbers show that around 30 million presentations are being held worldwide each day(1)….