20 secCan you explain your research in 20 seconds? Of course you can!

Why is this important? During a presentation, on a poster or in just about any conversation, your audience will be happy to give you their attention, but really no longer than 20 seconds. If you’re not able to warm them up to your idea in that short time span, then you’ve lost them.

Learn to implement the 20-second-rule in a conversation, presentation or poster in our 20-seconds-workshop.

Target group: researchers (maximum 20 participants)

Duration: 3 hours

Method: No extensive strains of theory from us, but instead heaps of practical tips, concrete examples from others participants’ research cases, and plenty of exercises.

Content: We focus on the importance of the audience, your specific aims, the structure of your presentation, how to share your content in a clear manner and how to draw your audience’s attention. Moreover, we will be working on your 20-second-presentation and point you to the precise tools you could be using to convince your audience in a presentation, on a poster or during any conversation.

Language: English or Dutch

Preparation: Ahead of time, each of the participants will prepare their own 20-second-presentation, during which they explain their research to non-experts.

Cost: € 895 (excl VAT) / workshop


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This is how researcher Stefan Vanbeveren explained his research in 20 seconds

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